5 food suggestions to control stress and anxiety during exam time

24 May 2020 XCEL JEE Academy 0 JEE

Students tend to skip their meal to study for boards exam, JEE and NEET preparation, etc especially after the announcement of exam dates, anxiety runs through their veins. They prioritize studies to obtain good marks, get admission in top college, and secure their future. But in this race, they forget - In a healthy body exists a healthy mind. Your food habits affect your marks.

Here's the list of 5 food that will help you memorize more and keep a check on your anxiety and stress level:

  1. Breakfast (oatmeal)                                  
    The most important meal of the day. Your body is in a fasting state while sleeping, and as you wake up, an ample amount of energy is required to perform regular activities. But due to examination stress, and to finish the syllabus on time, most students rely on minimum time-consuming food like biscuits, white bread, etc. This habit only spikes your sugar level for a limited time after that you feel lethargic, and drowsy. Ultimately you spend more time and learn less but, if you include whole grain food in your diet such as, oatmeal which contains complex carbohydrates and high protein, it helps your mind give fuel for a long time, and you can grasp more.
  2. Blueberries
    It's rich in antioxidants like gallic acid which means it removes harmful impurities from your body and makes you feel fresh, active, and stress-free. It helps to boost memory, decreases sugar craving thus helping to concentrate more. So, say yes to delicious blueberry shake in your diet.
  3. Omega3
    Known for its memory sharpening effects and increases concentration. Eat fatty fish, walnuts, or omega3 supplements as required. It helps to memorize more.
  4. Green leafy vegetables
    It contains vitamin K and folate, improves memory power, thus helping you learn more in less time with increased efficiency.
  5. Dark chocolate
    Last but not least, everyone's favorite, and yeah, Love!! It's so yummy and with tons of benefits. It contains a plant compound known as Flavonoids that helps ease stress, make you happy, improve blood flow in the brain and heart. Due to the appropriate amount of oxygen reach in your brain and heart, you study for a long time even with the boring topics.

At last, we would like to suggest that always hydrate yourself with plenty of water, as your body contains more than 60% of water. Water helps in maintaining body temperature, detoxifying your system, and relieves you from stress.

Follow these points and obtain more than 100% of your hard work.


BY: XCEL JEE Academy

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