How to select the best coaching for JEE or NEET preparation?

22 Apr 2020 XCEL JEE Academy 0 JEE

This is a question that keeps on raising in every JEE and medical aspirant student. So, how will you decide what to be done? To know this, you must ask these questions

  1. Faculty list of particular coaching you have targeted?
  2. Batch segregation that takes place there. 
  3. On the time syllabus completion.
  4. Coaching’s success percentage.  
  5. Is budget a problem for you? 

Let’s analyze these questions in detail: 

  1. Faculty list of particular coaching you have targeted? 

One must check whether all the teachers or faculties are from reputed universities/Institutes or not. If so, how many. Let’s say, 10 out of 25 faculty are from IIT. Then, it’s almost certain that the rest 15 will teach in lower batches and 10 will be teaching in top batches. In most institutes, some faculties are really good and the students approach the institute by their name. But, one must remember not all will be taught by those faculties. As the coaching institutes have to focus on top batches more in order to generate the best possible result. There are very high chances that you will feel neglected if you don’t perform well. 


In XCEL JEE Academy, we guarantee that students will be taught by only IITians and doctors. They have a perfect grip on the subject and can teach you lots of tricks to solve a particular question in the easiest possible way. They help students to understand the concept from basics to advanced level. Here, you have the added advantage that the same experienced faculty is teaching in all the batches for a particular class. So, you don’t have to worry about in which batch you are. But obviously, you must push yourself to be in the top batches as your results depend upon your performance.  


To be continued......

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